Guide - 10 Reasons to Sketch with Coloured Pencils

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10 Reasons to Sketch with Coloured Pencils
As featured on the Derwent LovePencils Blog 1st March 2011
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Who is this guide for?

This guide is for people who are interested in sketching and/or exploring different uses of coloured pencils

Featured on Derwent Love Pencils Blog 1 March 2011

What the guide covers

This guide provides 10 reasons why artists can benefit from using coloured pencils for sketching
  1. Not a lot to carry!
  2. As many colours as you want
  3. Go where other artists cannot go
  4. Scope for mixed media
  5. Get a true record of colours and tones
  6. Work small - and large
  7. Impervious to rain
  8. If you make a mistake....
  9. Coloured pencils donít run
  10. No waiting for the paint to dry!

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10 Reasons to Sketch with Coloured Pencils - Making a Mark Guide.pdf 664.5KB Ideas for artists who want to explore the benefits of sketching using coloured pencils

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