Guide - Publicity for art competitions & open exhibitions


A Making A Mark Guide:
How to get publicity for juried art competitions and open exhibitions

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What do your previews look like?
Who is this guide for?
What does this guide cover?
This spreadsheet is for:
  • organisers of art competitions and open exhibitions
  • Board / Committee members of relevant art societies or organising groups
  • people who think there's some scope to improve on current perfornance

It helps you to:
  • identify how to get publicity for an art competition or open exhibition
  • how to keep costs down and get publicity for free
  • how to make sure your marketing is both efficient and effective
This Making A Mark Guide provides a checklist of various action points - plus notes - associated with:
  • managing who organises the marketing
  • making the most of the opportunities for free publicity
  • obtaining, sizing and processing images for publication
  • information that needs to be published for artists and exhibition visitors
  • organising an informative press release and press preview
  • making the most of the presentation of prizes

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Making A Mark Guide - Organising competitions and exhibitions.pdf 369.5KB A Making A Mark Guide: How to get publicity for juried art competitions and open exhibitions

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