A Making A Mark Guide - The Art of Writing A Press Release

A Making A Mark Guide: The Art of Writing a Press Release

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Who is this guide for?
What does this guide cover?
This Guide explains what you need to know if:
  • you’ve ever written a Press Release but lacked guidance on how to go about it; or
  • if you’ve issued a Press Release but it failed to achieve the impact you had hoped for; or
  • one day soon, you think you might want to write a Press Release......

This Making A Mark Guide provides guidance on
  • the really important and really difficult bit - being creative
  • the essential but technically difficult bit - how to stick to the 'rules' of writing a press release so your press release gets read!
  • the boring but very necessary bit - how to make sure it ends up in the right place
All on no more than two sides of A4 - just like a good press release!
This guide was first published as a blog post on Making A Mark in March 2008 - see The art of writing a press release

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Making A Mark - the art of writing a press release v1.0.pdf 191.1KB How to write a press release if you've no experience or previous efforts lacked impact

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