Colour for Artists

These are resources I have developed to understand more about Colour
 - and to share what I've found out
with fellow artists

Click the links to be taken to separate websites - created by me.

Colour - Resources for Artists

What is colour? Do you know or do you want to learn more about colour and its use as an artist? This site provides links to information and advice about colour and how to understand and analyse it - and then use it as an artist.

Colour Theory for Artists

If you want to understand more about the science of colour, how it works and how people think (or thought) it works then this is the site for you.

The Best Art Books - Colour

This site identifies leading art books about colour and includes art book reviews - for books about understanding colour, using colour, mixing colour.

NOTE: The Best Books about Colour was developed following a project on my blog - with contributions from fellow artists