A Making A Mark Guide - An Export Invoice for Art


A Making A Mark Guide:

An Export Invoice for Art

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Export Invoice for Art
Who is this guide for?
What does this guide cover?
This Invoice provides guidance if
  • you’ve never exported Art before
  • you've exported Art before but have run into problems at Customs
  • you're not experienced at producing Invoices for Artwork

This Making A Mark Guide provides guidance on data requirements for an Export Invoice which will satisfy Customs.  It includes DATA items relating to:
  • the Artist exporting the artwork
  • the Client Importing the artwork
  • the Artwork (size and weight for Customs)
  • Customs requirements
All on one side of A4 paper!
READ: Exporting Art (Part 1): The Invoice
This is a technical post about what you need to include on an invoice when exporting an artwork to another country.

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MakingAMark Proforma EXPORT Invoice.docx 117.1KB A Proforma Invoice - which can be revised - which addresses Customs requirements when exporting art to another country

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