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Analysing the cost of entering a juried art exhibition
This Making A Mark Guide provides a spreadsheet which contains a checklist of various cost items - plus notes - associated with creating, recording, entering, packaging, shipping/transporting an artwork, to a JURIED art competition or open exhibition and the commission payable if it sells. The spreadsheet automatically summarises costs and produces overall totals and net cost or profit.
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How to work out Profit from an Art Sale
This guide is for artists who want to understand the true costs of an artwork and how much profit they made from a sale
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An Export Invoice for Art
This Making A Mark Guide provides guidance on data requirements for an Export Invoice which will satisfy Customs.
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Managing Business Risks
Managing Business Risks describes an approach which can be used by artists to identify, assess and address business risks
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The Art of Writing a Press Release
Explains what you need to know if you’ve ever written a Press Release but lacked guidance on how to go about it; or if you’ve issued a Press Release but it failed to achieve the impact you had hoped for; or one day soon, you think you might want to write a Press Release.....
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