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A Making A Mark Guide: Painting Holidays - AVAILABLE NOW

The following publications are available as pdf files and can be downloaded for free for personal educational use only
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These articles relate to a series of posts on Making A Mark in the week commencing 26th May 2008. 
Articles are posted after blog posts are published. Check back for updates.
What the guide covers
  • why choose a painting holiday
  • how to choose a painting holiday
  • how to make the most of a painting holiday
  • the big gap in the painting holiday market - coming soon
Who is this guide for?
  • people thinking of going on a painting holiday
  • people who would like to improve their enjoyment of a painting holiday
  • people who would like to learn more about painting holidays

Making A Mark Publications - Free!

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Making A Mark - How to choose a painting holiday.pdf 286.6KB
Making A Mark - making the most of a painting holiday.pdf 158.7KB

for personal and educational use only

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