Starting to Sketch with Coloured Pencils by Katherine Tyrrell

A Making A Mark Sketching Guide: 

Starting to sketch with coloured pencils

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Who is this guide is for

This guide is for:

  • people who want to learn how to sketch
  • people who familiar with coloured pencils but have never used them for sketching.

What does the guide cover? 

This article looks at

  • basics you need to think about when you're starting to sketch
  • issues which sketching with coloured pencils can help you address

Making A Mark FREE Guide by Katherine Tyrrell

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The benefits of sketching with coloured pencils

Sketching with coloured pencils helps you to:
  • Expand your portfolio of subject matter 
  • Get a true record of the colours and tones you see
  • Develop your freehand drawing and observational skills
  • Learn how to draw more quickly
  • Learn how to draw outside - and in public!
  • Learn how to choose what to sketch